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Terms & Conditions

The Session


    •    Our Opening hours are 10:30 -22:30 weekdays & 11:30 - 21:30 weekends.

    •    All refreshments are provided FREE-of-charge.  Let us know if anything has run out.


    •    Use of all Runway’s available PA, backline & drum kit is included FREE-of-charge.


    •    FREE support & advice is always on hand for all setup, cabling & monitoring issues.

    •    Please try to leave the room as you found it. Including Runway’s Equipment & Instruments. ie. If you bring your own drum kit and don't use ours, please put ours back as you found it.

    •    Any equipment belonging to Runway that is damaged during your session will be charged at 50% of its replacement value, and will be payable BEFORE further bookings can be made.  (This does NOT include drum skins unless abused)


    •    We accept NO responsibility for your own equipment, and it is left in the building at your own risk.


    •    Although making reference recordings of your practice is encouraged, (and a service we’re well invested in), in order to protect our business, we reserve the right to waive any, and all discounted offers, and charge £25 per hour for rehearsal bookings that in-              fact result in the room being used as a recording studio.  Prior discussion is appreciated for such requirements. 


Pricing Policy


    •   Peak times are 18:30 - 22:30 on weekdays & all day weekends.

    •   Off Peak times are 10:30 - 18:30 on weekdays.

    •    The Solo Artist & Duo deal is aimed at a very basic outfit such as an acoustic guitar or piano player acompanying a vocalist.  Not a band.

    •    Special offers ONLY apply to Off-Peak sessions, unless otherwise stated.


Bookings & Deposits


    •    When placing your booking, please account for your setup and tear-down time to be included. 

         A TOTAL of 20 minutes leeway (10 before & 10 after) will be given FREE-of-charge.

    •    Block bookings can be made with a maximum of 3 in a row for the same day of the week.

    •    *All new clients are required to pay a 50% deposit upon booking to secure a rehearsal, regardless of session time, type or length.              

         (This can be done via BACS)

    •    Deposits are carried over until the LAST day of all block bookings.



    •    Cancellations within 48 hours of your booked rehearsal will result in 50% of the TOTAL fee being charged.  

         (This must be paid before any future bookings can be made).

    •    Cancellations outside 48 hours of your booked rehearsal will result in any deposits being refunded or carried over to a re-scheduled booking.

    •    A No-Show will result in any deposits being lost plus the entire balance of the booking being owed.  

         (This must be paid before any future bookings can be made).      


    •    We Reserve the right to cancel ANY session with suitable notice.  

         (All deposits will be refunded or carried over).


  • All recording bookings will require a 20% deposit within 48 hours of enquiry.  This can be done via BACS, Credit / Debit card or Paypal and when received, your project account will be opened.

  • Any cancellations less than 72 hours before the start of your session will result in your deposit being non-refundable.

  • Any cancellation more than 72 hours before the start of your session will result in your deposit being either refunded or carried over to a rescheduled booking.

  • Balance of the booked session is due at the beginning of the FIRST day of recording.

  • Any fees for additional work (agreed throughout the session) will be added to your account and is due upon completion.

  • All accounts MUST be settled within 14 days of the session finishing.  If not, all discounts will be revoked and the right to charge interest @ 4% above banking base rate is reserved.

  • Any division of shares / responsibility within a band or group are none of our business or concern.  ALL band members are equally responsible for payments owing to us regardless.

  • Recording days are generally 10am till 8pm although not strictly adhered to.  However we do have a policy on additional hours; 

        i). Antisocial hours are classed as being before 10am and/or after 11pm. 

        ii). Overtime is regarded as a session longer than 10 hours.    

        iii). Both are chargeable in accordance with our pricing.

  • Attended Mix days are generally 11am-7pm.

  • On the first day of recording, Runway staff will prep the studio in accordance with all pre-planning of the session.  This can take between 1 & 2 hours and is included in a 10 hour day.  With this in mind we ask bands to come in no earlier than 11am on day one unless agreed by prior arrangement.

  • Use of all Runway’s backline & drum kits is permitted but snares & cymbals will be required.

  • We accept NO responsibility for your own equipment. This includes electrical faults, damage or loss.

  • Any equipment left in the studio is done so at your own risk.

  • Any equipment belonging to Runway that is damaged during your session will be charged at 50% of it’s replacement value and will be added to your account.

  • All recordings, including session files, multitrack audio, mixes and masters remain the property of Runway Productions whilst any accounts have an outstanding balance. 

  • References mixes in the form of 128kbps MP3’s are all that will be available until all outstanding account balances are paid.

  • Upon all invoices being settled, we will provide High definition 24BIT 48khz WAV files ready for mastering.  We will also provide 16BIT 44.1khz WAV files by way of reference mixes which will be processed in order to make them as loud as possible without dedicated mastering.  These files may be used for burning to CD but we recommend proper mastering over using these for release.

  • Pro-Tools sessions together with multitrack audio files are available upon prior request, and will be stored on our server for 1 year at which time they will be deleted forever.

  • We ask that any / all recording credits published include “Runway Studios” and any individuals should be credited where appropriate.  (ie Recorded by, Engineered by, Produced by, Mixed by) These individual credits should appear “Courtesy of Runway Productions”.

  • Where production packages have been purchased, Clients agree to sign over between 20 & 50% of the mechanical rights of recordings to the producer of the song by prior arrangement, together will an even split of publishing royalties for co-written songs where applicable.

  • By embarking on any pre-booked recording of your work within our premises, you are stating your agreement of these terms.


                    Bank Details:            Barclays Bank PLC

                    Account Name:        Runway Studios

                    Sort Code:                20 03 18

                    Account Number    7339 2279

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