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Rehearsal Space:

Subject to recording bookings, our 500 sqft Live room is available for use as a rehearsal space, complete with drum kit, backline and monitor PA.

Our all inclusive Prices start from £10/hr

Many rehearsal rooms carry hidden charges for use of their equipment.  Whether it’s a pair of drum sticks, or a bass guitar rig, we like to make sure that our bands have everything they need for their rehearsal so include the use of everything in the room free of charge.  That includes free refreshments and use of our kitchen too.  All we ask is that the room is left how it was found.

Due to the differing requirements of artists, our rehearsals are structured to be attractive to full bands, solo artists and duos with a £15 Set up fee (this applies to everyone and includes one of our engineers setting up the room for rehearsing and ringing out the PA of feedback and explaining how everything works) and then an additional hourly rate.  That rate is also scaled depending on whether its during on-peak (weekdays 19:00-22:30 & weekends 11:00-22:00) times or off-peak (weekday daytimes 11:00-19:00).  For first timers we require a 50% deposit to secure your booking and fees are chargeable for cancellations.  For simplicity, we’ve outlined session prices as follows:


On Peak Band rate

2 hours                     =     £50

3 hours                     =     £65

4 hours                     =     £80

Full Day Discount (wknds only)        =    £120    


On Peak Solo / Duo rate

2 hours                     =     £35

3 hours                     =     £45

4 hours                     =     £55

Full Day Discount (wknds only)        =    £100


Off Peak Band rate

2 hours                     =     £45

3 hours                     =     £55

4 hours                     =     £65

Full Day Discount (wkdys only)        =    £110    

Off Peak Solo / Duo rate

2 hours                     =     £30

3 hours                     =     £40

4 hours                     =     £50

Full Day Discount (wkdys only)        =    £95    


  • Use of all backline (Orange / Trace / Marshall Bass Rig, Marshall 4x12" Guitar rig & 2x12" Valve Combo)

  • Use of Drum Kit (Bring your own breakables)

  • Use full 4 way monitor mix with Wedges.  (Feedback rung out levels set-up prior to session)

  • Use of Mini Grand Piano. (Prior warning if you want it tuned).

  • Use of Kitchen facilities.

  • Free refreshments (Tea Coffee etc).

Basic Terms of use for Rehearsals:

  • Rehearsal times are booked with setup & breakdown times accounted for as 10-15 minutes either side of your slot.  Please ensure you finish rehearsing with that in mind.

  • If you have a more complicated setup that requires more time, please book your slot accounting for that.  Overtime is charged at £25 with a minimum of 1 hour.

  • Please leave the room as you found it.  If you bring your own kit, please ensure you rebuild ours before you leave.

  • Damaged equipment belonging to the studio during your session will be charged at 50% of it's "like for like" replacement value and will be payable BEFORE further bookings can be made. 

  • We accept no responsibility for your own equipment.  Safe storage is available at a cost, please enquire for details.

  • Block sessions are available but with a maximum of 4 in succession.  We require a 50% deposit up-front to secure the sessions.

  • Deposits will be carried over to the LAST day of all successive bookings. 

  • 50% of the total fee will be owed if you cancel with 48 hours of the booking.  This must be paid before any further bookings can be made.

  • A No-Show will result in the full balance of the session being paid before any future sessions can be booked.

  • We Reserve the right to cancel ANY rehearsal with suitable notice.  Any deposits will be refunded or carried over.

*Subject to No Recording bookings


Please note these include 2019 Pricing which is not up to date.

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