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We cater for each project individually. 

With a collective experience of over 25 years, our extensive knowledge in the recording industry, helps us to achieve the best sound for your project.

Having a discussion about your needs before the project is key to us managing your expectations and creating the correct budget that suits you. 

Here's a guide of prices we offer for recording sessions, give us a ring to discuss your project in full:

1). Recording

Whether it’s Vocal overdubs, A live acoustic session, or tracking a full band, we offer the highest standard of recording quality using the best available microphones and pre-amps.  Sessions are priced to suit the requirements of whichever type of project, and start from £20 per hour.  Contact us for a quote.

Our recording packages are tailor made to suit the requirements of whichever type of project.

Vocal Overdubbing

Bring us your instrumental and we’ll record your vocals over the top.

Prices start from £35/hr (£20/hr under 21’s rate)

Solo Singer / Songwriter 

This is aimed at a singer who plays piano or guitar at the same time.

Prices start from £45/hr (£30/hr under 21’s rate)

Full band tracking

Priced for an 8 hour day We can cater for bands of most sizes and specialise in recording the majority live with additional overdubs where required.



2) Production

 Song writing and arranging, Beat making, Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering are among the elements we can offer in-part or as an all inclusive package.

Tailor-made projects to cater for all and every aspect of music production.

These can be offered for a straight forward “per song/album” fee, or percentage based deals can also be an option.  Our extensive list of contacts within the music industry have proven invaluable in helping bring music from concept to completion.


3) Mixing

With a combination of our state-of-the-art DAW system and classic vintage SSL mixing console & outboard, we build the best balance from your recorded material to make it stand out amongst the best in the business.

Mixing is an art form in itself and only by having an accurate sonic environment and the years of experience gained by a professional mix engineer, can your music translate properly from the studio into the real world to sound good everywhere.  With a collective experience of nearly 40 years and a mix room that has been honed acoustically with the additional use of Trinnov DSP corrective technology, Runway is able to offer a better quality of mix down for a varied range of musical styles.  

We price this as an additional service to recording but can be part of a package deal as well if we made the recording here, which would always be our recommendation.

Charged by the song or project rather than by the hour, and with your choice of engineer, our prices start from as low as £80 depending on the requirements.  These mix sessions can be attended or unattended.

Contact us to discuss.

4) Mastering

We are now able to offer a fast turnaround on digitally mastered music.

Send us your mixed tracks as a stereo file, and we’ll send you back the master in the correct industry standard formats within 48 hours.

Starting from £60

Often confused with mixing, mastering is the process of giving your music the final polish it needs, removing any remaining harshness, tightening the low bass frequencies and improving the width of the stereo image.  It can also include editing the  ‘top & tail’ of your mixes and perhaps most importantly, mastering is about setting the correct perceived volume, in order that the track is as loud as everything else out there on the radio and streaming services.  We do this by importing your already-mixed piece into our software and applying whatever treatment is needed, and can even ‘warm up’ your mix by running it through our varied array of analogue equipment if needs be.

Contact us for details.

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